Lab Examinations Show Medicinal Cannabis’ Cancer-Killing Potential

Lab tests carried out at the University of Newcastle and also Seeker Medical Research Institute has revealed that a revised form of medical marijuana can eliminate or prevent cancer cells without affecting normal cells, disclosing its potential as a treatment instead of just a relief drug.

The considerable result adheres to 3 years of examinations by cancer cells scientist Dr. Matt Dun in cooperation with biotech company Australian Natural Rehabs Team (ANTG), which creates a marijuana variety consisting of less than one percent THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)– the psychoactive component generally related to marijuana. The plant, referred to as ‘Eve,’ has high degrees of the compound cannabidiol (CBD).

” ANTG desired me to evaluate it against cancer cells, so we at first used leukemia cells as well as were shocked by just how sensitive they were,” Dun states. “At the same time, the marijuana didn’t eliminate normal bone marrow cells, nor regular healthy neutrophils [leukocyte] We after that realized there was a cancer-selective device included, as well as we’ve invested the past number of years trying to find the solution.”

The Dun group has run contrasts between THC-containing cannabis and marijuana lacking THC but with elevated levels of CBD. They discovered that, for both leukemia and also pediatric brainstem glioma, the CBD-enriched range was more reliable at killing cancer cells than THC selections.

  “You can’t drive, for example, and clinicians are justifiably hesitant to recommend a child something that could trigger hallucinations or other side effects. The CBD selection looks to have higher efficiency, low poisoning, as well as fewer adverse effects, which potentially makes it a perfect complementary treatment to incorporate with other anti-cancer substances.”

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