Symptoms, complications & treatments: Know all about Retinal Migraine

Headache is the most common disease occur to every individual but simultaneously if you felt pressure in your eyes too much painful to tolerate. Then, definitely it is a symptom of retinal migraine, it can be lasted during 5-6 minutes. However, retinal migraine is recurring outbreaks of visual disturbances in one eye. The severe effects may include sparkling lights, flashing, partial vision or blindness. In this article we will discuss on various aspects of health and wellness, treatment of retinal migraine.

Retinal Migraine v/s Ocular Migraine

Furthermore, Retinal & Ocular Migraine seems to be looks very much similar respectively and both may have same conditions on patient.

The specific reason for retinal headache stays indistinct. As per some experts Trusted Source, restricting of the corridors or veins in the eye might be the reason. Another conceivable hypothesis is that hereditary qualities or family background of retinal headache can assume a part in its event. Individuals who experience retinal headache might have comparable triggers to the people who experience headache with quality. A few normal triggers can include:

  • exercise
  • low blood sugar
  • high altitude
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal Contraceptive pills
  • hypertension
  • bending over
  • Excessive Heat

Certain individuals have a higher chance of encountering retinal headache or chronic pain than others, including individuals who:

  • are between the ages of 30–39 years
  • have a personal or family history of migraine
  • have another condition, such as atherosclerosis, epilepsy, lupus, or sickle cell disease are female.


Retinal migration has pensive effects on eyes however it may involve intermittently occurrences of visual disturbances.  

A characteristic of migration may involve following:

  • Partial loss of vision or blind spot.
  • Flashing, sparkling or twinkling lights.
  • Temporary Blindness.


The UK health service (NHS) noticed that treatment for the most part includes help with discomfort drugs and attempting to keep away from triggers. The drug a specialist endorses to treat retinal headache might rely upon an individual’s age and how much of the time they experience retinal headache.

The American Headache Establishment takes note of that on the off chance that the assaults are not incessant, the treatment will be equivalent to for different sorts of headache. Prescriptions could incorporate nonsteroidal mitigating medications, for example, headache medicine or ibuprofen to ease agony and aggravation. Antinausea drugs can likewise assist with forestalling sickness and heaving.

A specialist won’t endorse triptans and ergotamines for a retinal headache, despite the fact that they might recommend these to treat or assist with forestalling different sorts of headache.


Anyone who is suffering with problem of vision loss seeks medical help from prescribed specialists. But have you heard prevention is better than cure? Akin to regular migraine, retinal migraine is to be. But it may involve life style changes along with following some necessary procedures of medications.

Preventive medications may include:

  • anticonvulsants to aid prevent a migraine
  • tricyclic antidepressants to support in preventing migraine
  • beta-blockers to provide relaxation of blood vessels in the brain


Retinal headache, now and then alluded to as a visual headache, causes visual aggravation in one eye with a headache migraine following soon. An individual might encounter incomplete vision misfortune and glinting or blazing lights.

The specific reason is as yet unclear. Treatment regularly includes torment prescription to treat the headache cerebral pain. An individual ought to likewise attempt to keep away from triggers to assist with keeping headache from happening.

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